WordPress.com Blogging Gets Better with IE9 Beta

In our previous post, we talked about the road we travelled to get to the Internet Explorer 9 Beta.  A journey we took with web developers and designers to introduce them to our fully hardware accelerated browser that enables them to deliver brand new site experiences.  After all, it’s sites that are the true beauty of the web, not the web browser you use to access them.

Yesterday, we gathered with more than 70 top web sites, developers and designers at an event in San Francisco to celebrate the beauty of the web and to release the Internet Explorer 9 Beta in 33 languages.  You can find out more about that release on the Exploring IE Blog.  One of the top sites that participated in that event was WordPress.com who unveiled a series of exciting new features for WordPress.com bloggers.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta is designed to put the focus on your sites.  From the clean new user experience to the redesigned New Tab Page, Internet Explorer 9 Beta fades into the background and puts your favorite sites to the fore so you can get on with enjoying the web.  Thanks to new features introduced by WordPress.com for Internet Explorer 9 Beta, writing and managing your blog just got easier :

  1. In Internet Explorer 9 Beta on Windows 7, you can now pin WordPress.com to your taskbar making WordPress.com like an application that’s only ever a single click away
  2.  When you pin WordPress.com in Windows 7, WordPress.com enables Jump Lists so common blogging tasks like moderating comments, making a new post and checking blog stats are only a couple of clicks away.
  3. Your blog stats page takes advantage of hardware acceleration in IE9 Beta to load faster and give you dynamic updates.

Improved Blog Management with IE9 Beta

You can try these new features yourself by downloading and installing IE9 Beta from www.beautyoftheweb.com, then visiting wordpress.com and pinning it to your task bar.

Let us know what you think!


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  1. Thank you kindly.
    I am so impressed by the leaps and bounds!
    I’ve been avoiding IE for the longest while. I’m a die hard Firefox fan but I think I’ll give IE (WordPress) a try.

  2. I’m trying Ie9

  3. why the elements dosent appear in my screen?
    i can see and click on the links, access any website, but i just see a blank screen.
    its because my note have a onboard video?
    the only thing there i can see is a youtube videos, but… just the video with a big blank screen… :S why?

  4. @Elton Amorim Fadel

    That’s not expected behavior! Can you make sure that you reboot and check again? After that, go ahead and send a bug report through the built in Send Feedback tool. You can find it under the Tools menu (gear icon).

  5. my skepticism is getting the better of me. i went with wordpress as my blogging platform because of it’s ease of use, but if you guys are getting in bed with IE9. It has to be good. it almost sounds to good to be true.

  6. GO GO Microsoft! Show us some awesome innovations. 🙂

  7. I’m now trying IE 9 beta, and it works great! and it’s faster, that’s for sure!

  8. IE9 loads as fast as Chrome but feels sluggish when scrolling. Has potentials.

    Rex Raymond

  9. Very good feature!

    I have only one problem- my statistics are just white field…why? I can`t see a graph. I`m with Windows 7 and i try IE 9 Beta.

  10. You have done awesome stuff latley, keep up the good work Microsoft!

  11. Sadly, I can’t try IE9, even though I would really like to. I don’t have Windows 7. I have XP. >___>”

    And upgrading isn’t really an option for me right now.

  12. i’m not much of an IE fan but I have also found IE9 to be great! You can turn nearly website into an application on the taskbar including twitter and facebook, will these replace standand favorites and bookmarks?

  13. I have windows 7 as a secondary OS to my primary Ubuntu. But I would not try any version of Internet Explorer. I’m okay with Firefox in both operating systems.

  14. I’ve always found IE to be a good choice, as it supports the widest set of features used by web developers.

    That being said, I’ve been using both IE and Chrome (at the same and always – I live online – I think that mole on my neck is actually a wi-fi antenna) for about a year. I also keep an up-to-date version of Firefox installed, just cause I can.

    I have learned the hard way that MS don’t make very friendly uninstallers for their IE Betas. You may find a cherished feature unavailable, with no way to get it back, and a hellish path back to IE8. So, I advise people to wait.

  15. i am not able to insert pictures into my blogposts @ wordpress…the screen just keeps hanging till i refresh the screen.. is this an issue with browser compatibility?

  16. I’m excited about the new features in Bing (http://www.neowin.net/news/bing-shows-off-animation-homepage-and-html5-browsing). Will these features become part of an open toolkit so other websites can also start pinning items/buttons?

  17. To Be honest with the wordpress community here, as far as I am seeing cool improvements using wordpress through IE9 Brings a new experience to bloggers from all around the world, I still don’t see upgrading my Windows XP To 7 for the sake of using and downloading the new IE Is worth it, I will eventually upgrade my OS, but not now, I still didn’t find the best reasons to update so far.

  18. Upon first trying IE9 beta it looks to me very much like what Google Chrome has been giving me for over four months now. I don’t see much reason for making the change just yet. But I will keep and open mind on this issue.

  19. I Love Microsoft 😉

  20. I don’t know what is relationship between IE and WordPress. I guess two are independent and also should be independent in order for WordPress to simultaneously support many different navigators including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and etc. What do you think?

  21. Well I shall give it a try. I switched to Firefox/Thunderbird from IE8, but now you’ve got me intrigued.

  22. This is why i love the internet explorer!!
    You rock guys!

  23. As a web developer I have avoided using Interent Explorer because of it’s lack of standards compliance. If that’s about to change then it can only be good news for everyone in the web design community.

  24. @sajib

    Why wouldn’t you try any version of Internet Explorer?

  25. @canolli I’m sorry you’ve had issues with uninstalling IE Betas in the past. Which version of IE have you had problems with? While I can’t guarantee that you won’t have problems with the IE9 Beta uninstall, I know there have been lots of people testing installing and uninstalling IE9 Beta without problems in the run up to launch.


    There are many reasons to upgrade to Windows 7. Here’s our Top Ten reasons to upgrade : http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/compare/top-ten-reasons.aspx

    Personally I love :

    1. Being able to snap windows to each side of the screen to work on things side by side
    2. That my PC knows whether I’m at work or home and defaults to the correct printer
    3. That there’s a bunch of new security features that help keep me safe
    4. Connecting to wireless networks is about 10 times easier
    5. That I can run IE9 Beta 🙂 (OK I was a little biased on that one!)

  27. WordPress.com continue to support many different browsers! We collaborated on a few new features for wordpress.com for the IE9 Beta.

  28. Downloaded IE 9 and now can’t blog in “visual” like I was able to in IE 8. Also can’t go full screen or basically do anything. Had to demean myself with Firefox *just* to post today. Please fix.

  29. I see you didn’t approve my comments because they were adverse to IE and Microsoft. I guess freedom of speech and expression are not allowed anymore on WordPress? Is that right James?

  30. Doesn’t work with Rhapsody, Send to OneNote (my lifeblood) not working…makes it a bit too beta for me.


  31. If you wish to add this functionality to your wordpress.org blog, i created a plugin for this.

  32. Its awesome feature. I want your help to get the ‘Recent Post’ on the pinning. Becuase I could see only Tasks. Im curious to know how will I get the Recent Posts list?

  33. nice info,thanks

  34. Can this be installed on a mac too ? I mean, without any complications ? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing

  35. As a professional web designers Internet Explorer has been causing me headaches for years, unfortunately IE9 appears to be no different. Five minutes into trying out the Beta it constantly crashed.

  36. I heard a lot of positive comments, regarding this new software. I can’t wait and try this new upgrade myself.

  37. @Andrew Hopefully you can do 2 things for me so we can investigate the issues you’re seeing.

    1. When Windows invites you to send a crash report, please do. This will help us find crashes that are affecting a lot of people.
    2. Send Feedback through IE9. Open the Tools menu (gear icon) and click Send Feedback. Include in your feedback a list of sites that are constantly crashing and also a list of add ons you’re using (tools – Manage Addons – Change Dropdown to All Addons)


  38. @Kenneth Mio

    Our priority is building a great browser experience for Windows users. No plans that I’m aware of for a Mac OS version.

  39. Loving the IE9 speed and stability! I hope that you will be able to save even more screen real estate by pushing the tabs higher up on the window, but if not this is truly a great improvement to the browser.

    Did I mention it’s fast? Thanks!

    Founder, Montreal Junto

  40. I think IE9 is one of the best browsers out there! I am now convinced that Microsoft has redeemed themesves from one of the biggest mistakes of their coorporate history. What mistake you may ask?

    In the 90s IE was genuinly a fantastic browser; however, that took the best out of Microsoft. In 2001, the IE team was disbanded! (Poor IE team! 😦 I have always been their fan). This is one of the biggest factor in giving rise to the rival browsers we have today (which is good–competition). From this, I thank we all learned something: the web is constantly evelvolving, and we can not afford to halt the development of the browser, even for a very small amount of time.

    Because IE had plus 90% market share, Microsoft’s decision really affected the entire web and its standard. But, Microsoft learned from their mistakes and restablished the IE time in 2006! And we had IE7. With IE8, the tech communities felt that Microsoft was serious about the evolving web and following standars. Now we are all convinced of it with the realease of IE9! Microsoft’s browser is back in the game!

    IE is fast all around, be it loading pages or the software itsefl. It looks beautiful. However, here are a couple thing that, I believe, the developers should take into consideration, which will make IE9 near perfect!
    1. Middle-clicking on the back/forward button should open pages in a new tab. Chrome and FF impliments it. Sometimes, I want to go back a page, but don’t want to leave the current page either, and this feature would really help
    2. The page history is confusing to me and my mom. Take a look at how Chrome displays history. In Chrome, it is really easy to understand previously viewed pages because it gives the title of the page. In IE, however, the pages are grouped in folders by domain, and it is hard to find the page if we don’t know the domain. The address of the page is given rather than the title.
    3. Spell checker anyone? We have great addons for that, but even IE recommens that we turn OFF addons for faster browsing!

    These are just some tips that can make the browser shine even more than it does now.

    Oh yes, are you going to give Mizilla a cake with the new IE9 logo when FF4 ships? This has been a tredition that we all know and love! 🙂

  41. Every time I try to open IE9 it automatically closes on me! And then it wont stop telling me there was a problem!!! I wish I had my IE8 back 😦

  42. Thank good. IE finally does something good for designers and developers. IE is the biggest disaster after the burning of Pompeii, WWI and WWII, and the Great Depression. If you use IE, Chrome or Firefox is 50 times faster. Even Safari is like IE on steroids, a LOT of steroids.

  43. Congratulations on the release. Software is an extremely hard product so nice work!

  44. Hi,

    Could someone point me towards the Linux version? I’ve looked all over and I can’t see the link.

  45. Tried IE9 beta and was unable to upload video to a blog post. Back to Firefox and all’s well.
    What’s wrong?

  46. I am so on the fence about trying this IE9, I use Google Chrome and love it.
    I think my curiosity will take over however at least then I can do a good comparison.


  47. Hi @nafsnep , @Ruslan Trad , @ambikavarma,
    Lloyd here from the WordPress.com Support team. Those issues sound very frustrating. We’re eager to dig into your issues. It’s probably best, if you haven’t already, to contact us at http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ . This way we can analyze all the technical details, and find solutions.
    Sorry again,

  48. @jaco223

    Hopefully I’ve shown through the many comments on this blog – both positive and negative – that I’m willing to engage in constructive debate and discussion around IE9. I encourage you to post your thoughts about IE but please try to keep is constructive.

  49. @miles

    Would you be so kind as to report these issues through the Send Feedback tool in IE9 Beta? The quick way to access it is to press Alt-x and then K.


  50. @savita> I want your help to get the ‘Recent Post’ on the pinning.

    Lloyd here with WordPress.com Support. That’s troublesome. Wonder why it’s not working for your blog.

    It doesn’t look like you have your WordPress.com hosted site linked to your comment above. If you could contact us at http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ with this information, then we’ll figure it out.

    Thanks, Lloyd

  51. @travis Submit your tab feedback through the built-in Send Feedback functionality! The quick way to access the Send Feedback tool is to press Alt-x then k.

  52. I’m still waiting for a reciprocal cake from the Firefox team! I recently asked Mike Shaver of Mozilla (via Twitter) if he was sending us a cake for the IE. I was responding to his twitter comment that he wasn’t invited to the Beauty of the Web event in San Francisco.

    @shaver Sorry Mike, I guess your invite got lost in the mail 😉 Should we be expecting a cake to our ship party today?

    His reply was :

    @Soyale beta isn’t ship, but stay tuned 🙂

    We’ll see!

  53. @JustBeingLexi

    Sorry you’ve been having a problem with the IE9 Beta. Please “Send Error Report” when IE9 Beta asks after it crashes – it’ll help us diagnose the problem and hopefully fix it. Here’s the instructions to uninstall IE9 Beta : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/help/ie-9/how-do-i-install-or-uninstall-internet-explorer-9

  54. @miamidadedems

    What site were you trying to upload a video to? One thing you might try is activating “Compatibility Mode” for that site. When you’re on the site, look to the left of the Refresh button. If you see an icon there that looks like a page broken in two, then click it. The page will reload in Compatibility Mode and that may fix the issue you’re seeing. Note : Compatibility mode is “on” when the page in the icon is filled in in blue.

  55. @Dave The Happy Singer

    I’m going to give this comment the benefit of the doubt and assume it isn’t trolling! We focus on the browser experience for Windows users for Internet Explorer so we don’t have a version for Linux.

  56. @Antor

    Wow! Those are some pretty extreme comparisons that I don’t completely agree with. Certainly IE6 causes headaches for web developers and web designers but thankfully IE6 share is on the wane. See : http://windowsteamblog.com/ie/b/ie/archive/2010/09/01/internet-explorer-usage-share-in-august.aspx

    You should check out demos like Speed Reading (http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Performance/SpeedReading/Default.html) and FishIE Tank (http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Performance/FishIE%20tank/Default.html) from the IE Test Drive to see how performance in IE9 Beta compares to Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

  57. I’m not going to test Internet Explorer because of the following:

    1. Psychological reason (really): I have used Internet Explorer since very early days and I still remember the pains I had when loading pages. I didn’t realize that it was IE that made the page load slower until I switched to Firefox. Now, I’m happy with Firefox and for secondary browser, I prefer Google Chrome.

    2. Some say Internet Explorer is resource hungry. It’s the worst idea to use an internet browser that takes a lot of resources. Maybe IE9 is lighter and better than any other version, but still I’m not convinced to try this out because..

    3. No support for cross-platform: I use Ubuntu and windows. I would not like to have different browsers as my default in separate operating systems. For example, as of now, Firefox is my default browser in both windows and Ubuntu. How would I set Internet Explorer as my default browser when I’m on Ubuntu? I don’t know or understand if it’s impossible for Microsoft to make IE a cross-platform browser. As it’s not a cross-platform browser yet, I can never make it my primary browser. And it’s not worth downloading and installing as a secondary browser while there are Chrome and Opera.

    Now you understand why I won’t download any version of Internet Explorer. If in urgent, and need to check my site on IE, I’d just open up IE8 that was pre-installed on Windows 7. No intention of downloading IE9. Maybe will try it out when it comes default with Windows 8.

    For those who are trying out, wishing good luck with IE experience.

  58. **I mean Safari on Windows**
    Safari is better on Mac.

  59. had ie9 beta for one day.after that it crashed and the pop up message that reads internet explorer has stopped working would not disappear//had to eventually delete ie 9 and got back ie 8..had no problem deleting ie9 and recovering ie8.once i deleted ie 9 and rebooted ie 8 automatically returned to my system(in fact,a message appeared that read something like”your system does not have internet explorer,ie 8 will be installed automatically” ..not word for word what it said,but that was the drift of it

  60. Hmmm… I am having the same problem as someone else above. Every time I try to open IE9 it just closes down.

  61. @Donnie

    One thing you might try is running IE9 Beta in no add-ons mode : Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Internet Explorer 9 (no add-ons)

    That will tell you if it’s a problem with IE9 itself or if you have an add-on that isn’t compatible with IE9. Let me know what you find out.

  62. No support for cross-platform: I use Ubuntu and windows. I would not like to have different browsers as my default in

  63. @Donnie If that doesn’t help, you can also try going to Tools (gear icon) -> Options -> Advanced and putting a check mark next to “Use Software Rendering instead of GPU rendering”. I’ve seen a couple of cases where a particular graphics chipset or driver have caused a crashing problem like that.

  64. @wvmmrh

    There’s a couple of things to try.

    1. Enable software rendering – go to Tools (gear icon) -> Options -> Advanced and put a check mark next to “Use Software Rendering instead of GPU rendering”. This will give you the slower software renderer but if it fixes your issue it’s a good workaround until the next release.

    2. Try running with add-ons switched off – Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Internet Explorer 9 (no add-ons)

    Hope this helps.


  65. Colin L Beadon

    The problem with blogging, as with much of this spaced out age, is that the simple simplicity or writing, is becoming so bogged by new age fandango and complication that changes daily, endlessly ‘Upgrading’,… supposedly.
    One spends too much time attempting to figure out what the blood hell is going on, instead of just attempting to ‘write’ something that might endure, and last more than a few microseconds before the fandango has changed the medium ‘Again’.
    No wonder people have to bleat, and tweet, and go to shrinks, and substances.

  66. I think Windows 7 is way better then XP,
    Everything is simpler,
    Homegroups is probably the best feature for home networking, since all windows 7 computers can be connected by a password, and that makes printer setup easy for new computers.
    You can remove all the glitter out of 7, making it a bland windows classic, and restore a lot of the XP look, if you so desire, but I like the stuff like aero peak, and the show desktop trick (mouse over shows desktop) the snapping also makes resizing easier.
    IE9’s featureset is just icing on the cake.

  67. I hope I see something like this with Chrome too 🙂

  68. I Love Microsoft and IE9

  69. Nice info here. Hope that WordPress will be perfect with IE9 full 🙂

  70. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  71. A… you’ve convinced me to give Internet Explorer a chance, I am actually a Firefox user, but this does seem sooo intriguing….

  72. Microsoft is becoming human. They only need to learn that they can fight Google and Apple supremacy easily: integrate basic Office features (Excel and Word and Outlook) in Windows and they will be offering a complete OS with everything one needs from a computer with a cloud computing counterpart (Live or whatever) and, hopefully, a synchronized Windows Phone. What does that add up to Google Universe? It still adds something and it will gather back a lot of users that still prefer MS Office because it simply is better than the opensource counterparts.
    If they think they will loose money if they do this, I guess we will see Microsoft slowly vanishing in years to come, because Google is getting impressively good and complete and in a short time even MS die-hards like me will be jumping over the fence (I already have one foot over…).
    Antonio, Covilha, Portugal

  73. Is it good?
    It rocks my friends, I love it. The control over addons is great .

  74. The first time I tried to run IE9 after installation it immediately shut down and I couldn’t get rid of the notifications. I finally rebooted and tried to start IE9 again only this time I started it from the start menue. Works great! I think what was happening was that I was trying to start IE8 after the instalation of IE9. Maybe the IE9 install should delete the IE8 version? Hope this helps.

  75. Tried out ie9, unfortunately, the beta just crashes upon loading on my 64-bit windows 7 professional system. Now i have to find out how to remove it. :/

  76. Great this will be nice info for me IE9 work perfect!

  77. this would be fabulous if it were Firefox or Chrome and your Stats analysis were more accurate.

  78. I have tried IE9 with less than happy results. I rolled back to IE8 for now. I know it will become a good browser, but Microsoft’s alignment with WordPress bothers me a lot. As I am a retired Microsoft (12+ years) FTE, who started way back in the Digest auth days of IE as the only auth tester, I have never been full comfortable with Internet Explorer as my sole solution. It has never been a “Fully” standards compliant browser – close and getting a TON better, especially in HTML 5 compliance, but has some ground to cover.

    My two sites are at issue here. One, the Harley Owners Group site, works perfect with all browsers EXCEPT Internet Explorer and I for the life of me cannot debug the failure. The main iFrame nav menu fails to render correctly yet the same template structures work on other pages.

    Now with my retirement due to failing health, I am trying desperately to build out a site for my wife to allow her to move forward with her dream (Whathappytasteslike.com) that uses wordpress as the blog component. I strongly hope that in Microsoft’s alignment with WordPress there will not be a similar issue wherein there will be maintenance issues between browser makers. I absolutely must have simplicity. As my abilities continue to lessen, I must face fact that at some point my son will have to eek out cycles to help his mother manage the site. It simply must be as easy as possible. Please do not let an ex-FTE down and make IE 9 the browser that finally is FULLY standards compliant, fully HTML5 compliant, and kicks all the others to the curb!….Cheers and best of luck!


  79. It’s been a pleasure to use, IE since it’s version 8. IE9 truly is going to make a difference. Like it in some ways.

  80. How come the adress and tab bars are jammed into the same row while there’s nothing but the Min/Max/Close buttons on the row above?

  81. Even though I switched to a Mac about 3 years ago, I’m really looking forward to the release of IE 9. It’ll be a great day when web developers can finally stop developing for antiquated browsers and instead utilize modern coding methodologies.

    So for once in a very long time… my hat is off to you Microsoft for doing the right thing and moving the web forward.

  82. Greetings for you post.. My site is in italian, NotitiAE http://notitiae.wordpress.com/

    I hope that 9 version work well, becouse my 8 version in not a good one… Bye… Jacopo

  83. More Tea Vicar?

    Hmmm…I tried IE9 then checked it out on my WordPress blog. It seemed fine until I went on my Videos and all that appeared on each one of them was a blank space, so I went back to IE8! Don’t know if that particular glitch has been addressed?

  84. too bad I still use vista.IE9 isn’t working with vista right?

  85. mee of course

    i love it.
    it is so cool.

  86. Does anyone else have problems actually blogging using IE9?
    When I start typing up the body and Save as a Draft, nothing is actually saved. It’s happened every time now…and a side-effect or related-effect is that when I click the textarea for the body, I don’t actually see the cursor anymore.

    Very frustrating … I have to use FF to blog now 😦

  87. @jacobian

    IE9 is supported on Windows Vista. Visit http://www.beautyoftheweb.com to download.

  88. @Jayson
    @More Tea Vicar
    @Logos Amicus

    I’ll ask the WordPress team to check in with you on these issues. All the blogs I’ve written on this site have been done through IE9 Beta so it should work fine.

  89. @adines

    The IE9 install should tell you to reboot to complete the installation. It’s possible you clicked “Restart Later” rather than “Restart Now”. Glad that once you rebooted everything was working well.

  90. @Frederick

    Hopefully this link will help you with the uninstall : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/help/ie-9/how-do-i-install-or-uninstall-internet-explorer-9

    Before you uninstall though, it would be great to try and figure out what the problem you’re having is. Does IE9 crash as soon as it tries to load a page or does it crash only sometimes? Are you by any chance running the Windows 7 SP1 Beta?

  91. @It Ain’t Hemingway

    I’m not sure I completely I understand this comment. What would be fabulous if it were Firefox or Chrome? Whose stats analysis is flawed?

  92. @jacopo

    Your site looks great in IE9 Beta to me!

  93. @drthingums

    There have been a few posts over on our engineering blog that cover our ethos for the new UI. Here’s a link to the first one which gives the high level overview : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2010/09/15/user-experiences-site-centric-browsing-on-windows.aspx

  94. @Brad

    Thanks for your work on IE “back in the day”.

    What you’re articularting here is one of the things that frustrates a lot of web developers : writing code and having it work in some browsers but not all. When we began development of IE9, we said one of our goals was to drive towards a world where the “Same Markup” works the same way across browsers. While this is often painted as an Internet Explorer problem, it affects the whole industry problem. For example, take Safari and Chrome (both based on Webkit) and visit the IE Logo demo on the IE Testdrive site : http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Graphics/IE%20Logo/Default.html . You get a slightly different result in each browser, which is also different from Firefox and IE9.

    If you spend some time on the IE engineering blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/search/SearchResults.aspx?q=same%20markup&sections=3871), you can read up on what we’re trying to do to help. It boils down to 3 key things :

    1. Working with the standards bodies and other browsers to clarify the specifications for standards we’re implementing. The specifications aren’t always completely clear and that leads to different behaviors across browsers. For example, we co-chair the HTML5 working group.
    2. Implementing the features according to the clarified specification
    3. Creating test cases to ensure the features are implemented to the specification and donating them to the standards bodies to build a comprehensive test suite for the standards. We also lead the HTML5 Test Workforce.

    There’s an article from March here which talks a little bit about these contributions : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2010/03/09/working-with-the-html5-community.aspx

    Specific to the Harley Owner’s Group website (http://www.harley-davidson.com/wcm/Content/Pages/HOG/HOG.jsp?locale=en_US). I visited the page in the IE9 Beta and couldn’t see any problems with the functionality of the nav menu. What’s the problem you’re seeing?


  95. @More Tea Vicar

    Andrew here with WordPress.com support. I haven’t seen any issues with video playback in IE9, everything’s been working great from what I’ve seen. I also tried loading your videos page in IE9 and everything looked normal to me.

    If you’re still having trouble we’ll be happy to get things sorted for you if you can contact us at: http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/


  96. Good news! i’ll use it.

  97. it is great, i am happy, thanks for you… http://slimming4y.wordpress.com/

  98. marcelopenguin

    good blog

  99. Sounds cool though the only computer I have which I haven’t converted to Linux only runs Windows XP, so I guess I won’t be able to try this any time soon.

  100. claudia pichardo

    thanks a lot!

  101. That’s great ! I will definitely use this feature.

  102. IE9 actually sounds good. I’m going to download it now and try.

  103. You made me try IE9 which is a BIG thing, trust me. Lol.

  104. Hmmm…I tried IE9 then checked it out on my WordPress blog. It seemed fine until I went on my Videos and all that appeared on each one of them was a blank space, so I went back to IE8! Don’t know if that particular glitch has been addressed?

  105. Microsoft getting into bed with WordPress and other blogging platforms is a good thing — I see them playing nice with Facebook, too. Good things will come to Microsoft and IE.

  106. @Y3 rvpm

    Can you send a link to a page where you’re seeing this issue?

  107. You guys, IE 9 is crashed on my machine right now. It keeps reloading and reloading till I three finger my way out of it.
    I have been using Astute-Paradox.Spaces.live.com as the home page for a free web page directory with over 50 pages so far. (I had WordPress already.) There is a lot that I like about WordPress, but this will not work for my home page. So far, as I see it, Microsoft brought you nothing and left every thing I liked about them behind. Oh well, you get what you get for free, and it is all still beta. So good luck. Peace out.
    Neil De Jour

  108. I like all of these changes — quick access, browser fades into the background. Good!

  109. We use Firefox 80% of the time, Opera 10% of the time, IE 7% of the time, and Chrome 3% of the time. IE9 looks pretty good actually.

  110. I am not a IE/Internet Explorer fan, but maybe I will give IE9
    a try. Thanks though for the blog.

  111. I use windows 7 basic home basic x64 with IE9 beta. I love the new browser. I seem to have problems with facebook’s photo uploader, and certain aspects of wordpress. I can’t type my posts to wordpress in IE9 beta unless I run it in compatability mode, and I can’t seem to view my stats from the dashboard. On facebook, it has been simply impossible to upload photos. Other’s don’t seem to be having the same issues as me, so it might not be the browser. However, when I try running these functions in firefox or chrome it seems to work fine. Is there a solution that I’ve missed?

  112. @Neil De Jour

    Give this a try to see if it fixes the crashes you’re seeing. Bring up the Internet Options (through the Tools menu or the Windows Control Panel), go to the Advanced Tab and put a check in the first check box “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering”.

    This switches IE9 from hardware rendering to software rendering. If there’s a compatibility issue between your graphics hardware/driver and IE9, this will resolve the crash issues.

  113. @chadwood Thanks for the feedback. WordPress are working through a few of the issues you mentioned.

  114. Microsoft getting into bed with WordPress and other blogging platforms is a good thing — I see them playing nice with Facebook, too. Good things will come to Microsoft and IE.

  115. Sounds cool though the only computer I have which I haven’t converted to Linux only runs Windows XP, so I guess I won’t be able to try this any time soon.

  116. Anna Marie Causer

    PS: as to my problem and issue detailed in full above I take it you will be able to help asap…hopefully cross fingers and toes 😦

  117. good news!! thanks for the information. i will try it..

  118. we must install IE 9, first??

  119. Anthony Alexander

    This is nonsense. It’s just a browser. Everything on the web could be done with IE6. I really hate you sniveling “web developers”.

  120. Should we expect more “sponsored” posts from MS?
    Should we fear the blue screen in the near future for wp? 🙂

  121. So, I have pinned my blog to the taskbar, but the icon is not my blog icon but the generic WordPress one…is this intended? Or is it a flaw?

  122. Thats great, hope can use it for my blog on http://2010sdafrika.wordpress.com/.

    Much greetings from Berlin (;

  123. Thank you!

    New IE is so impressive!

  124. Give this a try to see if it fixes the crashes you’re seeing. Bring up the Internet Options (through the Tools menu or the Windows Control Panel), go to the Advanced Tab and put a check in the first check box “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering”.

  125. No need to use IE, when you have Firefox or Chrome.

    Firefox is brilliant, but Chrome is much faster.

  126. My mother tongue is Malayalam and my blogs are all in that language. Why I suggest firefox to my friends is, IE never show correct Malayalam fonts.

  127. IE9 and WordPress are not compatible, because of the still existing issue of Flash. An IE9 user has to install a beta version of Adobe Flash Player Square, because all the stable Flash applications are not for IE9. I have to use either Firefox or Opera to use with WordPress, especially when editing anything within the site. I continually receive update notifications for Adobe Flash but can’t use anything but the Square version. I don’t want IE8 back, but if forced to I’ll default to Opera or Firefox. Shame on Adobe!!

  128. @chadwood and others

    Andrew here from the WordPress.com support team. We’ve made updates recently to the way the visual editor in WordPress.com works.

    These updates should fix any issues you were running into with editing content in IE9. If you’re still having trouble or run into anything new feel free to get in touch with us at: http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/

    We’ll be happy to help!

  129. i (with great anticipation) tried ie9 last weekend only to find out in the first couple of minutes that my bank did not support that browser type (telling me to upgrade!)
    i look forward to reinstalling it in the future when the rest of the world catches up!

  130. I have been using IE9 Beta for a couple of weeks now on three of my machines. Two are 64 bit and one is 32 bit. Everything was doing fine until I tried updating my WordPress Blog when I found out that IE9 Beta doesnt play nice with WordPress’ Visual Editor. The editor flat doesnt work on any of my machines. I have tried all of the ‘fixes’ listed in this post and others to no avail.

    The Visual Editor works fine when I use Google Chrome, which I would prefer not to use because I am concerned about it’s maybe sharing too much of my information with Google without my knowledge.

    So I am hoping it gets fixed before the final release, till then I back to using Chrome.

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